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what is Luna Red Classic

A brand new reflection protocol on the Binance Smart Chain And Market NFT

Luna Red Classic $LRC is a brand new reflection protocol on the Binance Smart Chain.

This contract will have unique features and will be the first of its kind to introduce reflections to holders with absolutely ZERO taxes and being deflationary.

White Paper
Main LunaRedLite Features


The Luna Red Classic Protocol is based on a token with passive yield mechanics that do not stem from transfer taxes. Instead, the passive yields come from supply expansion from new buy orders (which represent organic demand for the token). As a Luna Red Classic holder, you passively earn more tokens for every new buy order placed for $LRC. Your rewards are instantly "delivered" into your wallet after each new buy. There is never any tax when buying or transferring between wallets!

  • WHAT IS Luna Red Classic?

    Luna Red Classic is an airdrop platform & protocol where up-and-coming projects will be promoted to our community and potential investors.

  • WHY IS Luna Red Classic GOOD FOR ME?

    By airdropping tokens to our followers it allows their user base to increase with diamond hand holders.

  • Liquidity Protection

    We have locked a total of 30 million tokens with PinkSale which are released over the next 5-years with team tokens locked for 10-years, safeguarding long-term liquidity in the project.

  • Why is 0% Tax better than tax?

    1. Tokens with transfer taxes discourage trading activity and especially alienate users who trade with size (no one likes paying extra fees, on top of existing gas fees)

    2. The effective yields holders receive are negligible unless there is massive trading volume.

Overwhelming High Demand

Token Sale Progress

Tokens are priced at just $0.0125 each, which is an incredible opportunity for investors. You will also get extra tokens as a 'NFT MythicalLunaRed' when you order. If all that was not enough you will receive 10% FREE Tokens via Air Drop before our Ido starts, it is an offer not to be missed.

Huge Token Demand
Token Locker

Protecting Your Investment

We offer investors maximum security via our Liquidity Protection and slow token release over the projects lifetime, with team tokens locked for 10-years.

LunaRedClassic Tokens are 'locked' with PinkSale , which guarantees long-term price 'Stability' for years to come.

Liquidity Protection
Earn Some Serious Income

Ultimate Exchange Farming

Our Protocol: As a user, you can participate in LunaRedClassic Dex in four different ways:


- Yield Farmer

- Bounty hunter

- Liquidator

Play-to-Earn Gaming
Dedicated NFT Marketplace
Buy & Sell Non-Fungible Tokens

LunaRed Marketplace

Our LunaRedMarket offers Mythical lunaRed Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs),

These extremely desirable NFTs can be purchased in store exclusively with BNB, LunaRedClassic tokens and offers owners the ability to change between ‘virtual’ assets at any time with a simple mouse button click.

Created For Success

Road Map

Our team of experts has spent more than 3-years developing a unique cutting-edge ecosystem that offers huge investor returns.

Meet The Team

Professional Management

Our team has a wealth of experience in NFT, finance, investment . Their combined knowledge ensures project success.

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